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Smartbike FAQs

The Answers You Need

What is a smart bike?

A smart bike or smart trainer is a device which could be in your home, in your studio or in your gym.

If it is a smart bike - like a Wattbike - then you don’t need to integrate your bicycle into it. A smart trainer like the Wahoo KICKR 4 needs a bicycle to mount onto it.

Both types of trainer are able to take data from your riding effort and use that data to provide you with information. That might be power, speed, cadence and all of that sort of information. Products like the Wattbike even split the pedalling information to show how your right leg stacks up against your left leg and analyse your technique.

Most of the devices available today also broadcast your ride data in either ANT+ or Bluetooth protocols, or both. This broadcast can then be picked up by devices like phones, tablets and PCs to be used in supportive apps provided by the product manufacturer or in third party apps such as social cycling apps. These use your data to power you in a virtual cycling world. These virtual worlds can be either computer generated or based on real video footage of courses and routes. They generally also require you to have a WiFi network that the device can use whilst it is paired to the smart bike via Bluetooth or ANT+.

On most you can save all of your ride data to popular training apps like Strava and Training Peaks too.

We have products available to give you connectivity, and the expertise to help you set it up easily!

What is Fe-C?

Fe-C stands for 'Fitness Equipment Control'. Fe-C is really about control. Imagine you are riding in a virtual world, and you come to a hill.

Virtual worlds like Zwift will automatically slow you down on a hill as you would in the 'real world' - whichever trainer you are riding.
With a regular smart trainer like the Wattbike you have to manually change the settings on the trainer to replicate the effect of the hill on your legs. More resistance = greater effort required. The Wattbike has a magnetic resistance function which replicates the effect. It's good and many prefer it, but technology waits for no man and Fe-C takes the feedback one stage further.

The difference with an Fe-C enabled machine is that it changes the resistance on the trainer for you. You then select the gears you require to tackle the hill at your own pace and intensity, exactly as you would do if you were out there riding!

I cannot get connected

Because of Bluetooth's communication protocol it can transmit data faster than ANT+, roughly 64x per second, 16x faster than ANT+.

However, when using Bluetooth, once a connection between two devices has been made, no other Bluetooth accessories can connect to the same device.

The monitors and devices attached to the products we offer are actually pretty straightforward in what they do - broadcast data or broadcast and receive data. We find that in 90% of problem cases, connectivity issues are due to settings on a customer's device.

All Bluetooth connections on the device must be disconnected for it to establish a firm connection with a training platform like the Wattbike or KICKR, or any other device that offers a Bluetooth connection. Bluetooth on devices can only support one connection.

It's also important to note that some products connect quicker and easier to devices than others. One of the reasons we offer Wattbike and KICKR products is because they have easy, quick and effective connection with devices.

Can I buy my hire trainer?

Yes! With SIX and TWELVE month contracts only, we offer customers the chance to swap it for a brand new one and buy that.

With all of our products, a bond is required and this, along with three month's worth of hire payments, can be redeemed against the product hired. So, if you wanted to buy a Wattbike Pro from us having entered into a six month contract, this is what it would look like - Wattbike Pro Retail price - $5,002.50 including GST. Bond $250 + 3 x monthly hire payments of $161.00 = $733. Price of Wattbike Pro = $4,269.50

Which cycling app is right for me?

That's a tough one and it depends on what you are looking for. Most offer free trial periods so the best advice is to get a trainer and see which world works best for you!

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