Smart Spin Bike Monthly Hire

Get smart and get fit - on a budget. If you are looking to sample smart riding, and get fit at the same time with less data available than our other products, then this could be the bike for you.


The PROTAIN Spin Bike is the perfect way to get commercial grade fitness equipment into your home. This state-of-the-art unit has been designed to include the best quality features for spin cycling. While other spin bikes used in home gyms typically feature a low-grade flywheel, PROTRAIN have incorporated a heavy stainless steel commercial flywheel. This is beneficial because it creates a smoother, more realistic sensation of riding compared to inferior alternatives.


And we've taken it a step further by adding the technology needed to allow the bike to operate in third party social cycling world like Zwift, FulGaz, TrainerRoad, SUF Cycling and others.

Talk to us now by emailing or calling us on 07 552 5833. We will be happy to advise you how and if a Smartbikes Smart Spin Bike is the right choice for you.

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