CABLE ANT+ to Bluetooth Converter

An iOS device can be a pain to work with in regards to the indoor training apps that are growing in popularity around the world. And it can be an even bigger pain when it comes to hardware with ANT+ sensors.  


This is especially true for people who have Garmin sensors, early Model B Wattbike monitors or a variety of other ANT+ only based systems. The CABLE device from North Pole Engineering is low cost, simple to set up and will convert ANT+ signals from a huge range of devices into a Bluetooth signal that will be accepted by iOS as well as other Bluetooth based tablets, phones and other devices. So if you have indoor cycling hardware that only broadcasts ANT+ signals and you want a Bluetooth connection to your device, then this is the gadget for you!


The CABLE device doesn't need to be fitted to your bike either, it just needs to be near the sensors themselves so can sit on the floor close to your trainer.


It's really easy to set up and is compatible with a huge range of ANT+ broadcasting devices - click HERE to see the current list.



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